"Kids care School Dharni,Run by Shriram Metkar Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha- has been Established on 28th of June 2002 and is progressing towards success. The Kids care School Dharni is founded upon the conviction that young minds are extremely curious about everything that surround them. They are at a stage of constant development. They are always keen to learn, create and develop. With strong support to their ideas, their unique potentials can be molded effectively. The School ensures to guide the students in a way where in they are able to develop into responsible and thoughtful future citizens in our society. Based on these beliefs as well as objectives, Kids care School Dharni strives for the following: • Convincing academic curriculum that encourages creative ideas and innovative learning techniques, helping the child develop independence in thought and instigating a curiosity that leads him to learn with interest. • Develop a learning methodology that encourages learning experientially and an active participation from the students. • Provide the best support to the students for their social and emotional development through teachers who offer required and timely guidance towards a holistic intellectual development. • Encourage the students to broaden and develop their talent in keen areas of interest. This in turn enables them to decide on their own, be responsible and act independently on the decisions they’ve taken to keep up in a competitive environment. • Prepare the students to face competition and challenges in the world they live in. • Maintain a school culture that ensures its students grow into individuals who give importance to mutual respect, service to others as well as build a society on trust and love.

Kids Care School
Run by Shriram Metkar Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha,

“At Kids care School Dharni our vision is to create a nurturing educational environment that goes beyond traditional academics. We believe in offering a life-oriented education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on the holistic development of each student. Our goal is to refine and liberate young minds, enabling them to become socially conscious, well-mannered, and ethically responsible individuals. One of our key priorities is to provide support and motivation to students who may come from underprivileged backgrounds or face academic challenges. We are committed to ensuring that every student, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity to excel and achieve success. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity and respect, we aim to create a supportive community where all students feel valued and empowered.”.

To be “Promote divine, moral, and genuine human values in the school community, society, and nation. Contribute to transforming society by encouraging social awareness and communal responsibility. Empower the poor and weak to overcome obstacles and challenges they may face. Promote inter-cultural and inter-religious harmony through respectful and open dialogue. Foster leadership skills in students, motivating them to work towards personal, group, and societal liberation. Provide quality education that encourages learning, skill development, and empowerment towards the betterment of society. Promote ecological integrity by being mindful of the state of deterioration and destruction of the environment, and the serious dangers it poses to humanity"

Expert Teachers

"Experienced and knowledgeable educators who provide guidance, deliver effective instruction, and support students in their learning journey"
We want to provide them with an unparalleled combination of solutions that can help them make the right kind of choices.


"Through our solutions, we offer an opportunity to grow capacity and emerge as responsibleprofessionals.
We value standards, experience, commitment and integrity that can become assets for a school."

Student Success

"Strong collaboration and communication between parents and teachers to ensure the best possible educational support and growth for students"

Activity-Based Learning

"Learning by doing instead of asking children to simply listen and take notes encourages students to actively participate in their own learning experience. This not only helps in making children more responsible for their own learning, but it encourages them to be inquisitive and develops team work and other social skills Alongside"